Effective Tips for Applying Bold Make-up

Ola Everyone!

I would like to share to you guys some tips in applying Bold Make-up! Hope you share yours too!

Applying make-up is the most crucial thing for ladies. A lot of things should be considered before doing so because constant use of make-up may harm our skin. Simply follow a healthy skin regime in order to not harm your skin. Always see to it that you cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin regularly.



Below are some beauty tips in applying bold make-up.

1. Confidence – Always wear your confidence everyday. We all know that the best make-up tip is coming from within. Wear a smile and get that positive attitude glow outside.

2. Get to know your Skin’s shade – Not every cosmetic fits our skin tones because we all have different skin shade and texture.

Consult an expert  to know your skin shade and then select a foundation lotion, powder or any other cosmetic item for that matter.

3. Accessories – Finding the right tool like make-up brushes  is very important. Shopping for cosmetics and make-up tools will give you a well-defined perfect look.

4. Highlight – Remember, for bold make-up you need to be careful when it comes to highlights. If you are applying bold colors on your eyes, keep the lips nude or light and vice-versa.

I hope these make-up tips could be a big help to you guys.  Don’t forget to share and follow me. You may also want to comment with your make-up tips below! XOXO!

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