Switching My Blog to Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

Hi guys! It’s going to be 2 months before I give birth to a baby boy and me and my husband is very excited to finally meet our little angel. A lot of things have been going on lately. Since my husband is not here because of work, me as an excited Mom-to-be is very busy lately preparing for the blessing that is coming our way.

I am still going to blog and been planning on switching my blog to Parenting & Lifestyle Blog.  I am very excited to share with you my experiences of having and raising a baby. This is new to me since this is my first baby but I am looking forward to the challenges that may come my way.

Nothing will change with my blog, instead I will add topics on parenting, some tips and tricks on how I will handle my everyday life as a blogger and a Mom. I will also feature some product reviews in my blog so stay tuned for that!




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