9 Things to Keep You Reminded to Live in a Moment

Living in the moment. It’s something we all talk about but don’t necessarily do despite it not always bringing much happiness. Now is the time to refocus our present, not the past, not the future. But how?  I’ve rounded up 9 ways to live in the moment.

1       1.  Follow your Gut-feeling.  Worrying about consequences may result in you losing out on amazing opportunities for experiences. Sometimes we need to go with our gut-feeling.
2       2. Stop Worrying about what Others Think. Don’t let others opinion affect what you’re doing. Just continue being yourself and doing what’s right.
3       3.  Treat Yourself.  In this busy world, do you still have time for yourself? Go out with your family and friends every weekend and treat yourself. You may want to splurge on that bag your eyeing for so long?
4       4. Try Something New. Why not go on an adventure you have wanted for a long time. This will make you discover things within yourself.
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8 Easy Tips for Packing a Carry-on – Travel Tips

One of the most difficult parts of getting ready for a trip is packing. There’s always the stress of forgetting something important or the fear of losing your checked luggage! Don’t worry ‘coz these 8 easy tips for packing a carry-on will make your packing process a breeze so you can focus on other things.
1.      1.  Plan Ahead – Remember to always plan ahead if you’re planning to travel in a foreign country. Make sure to check the airline guidelines for weighing rules for you to know what things you’re going to pack. Tip: Weigh your bags before going to the airport to avoid repacking in the airport.
2.      2.  Pack only Necessary Things – Pack simple items that are double purpose. Packing simple clothes that mix and match well will give you many outfit options so you won’t have to stress over what to wear.
3.      3. Be strategic in Packing – Roll up your clothes, socks, and other garments and put it in a sealable bag to have space to other items.  It’s a simple way to pack your clothes neatly and efficiently, and doesn’t wrinkle them!
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8 Tips for Travelling Alone


Summer is here and there are a lot of beautiful spots you can visit with your family, friends or just my yourself. You know, this is one on my bucket list, to travel alone. I’ve never done that before and hopefully will happen this year. 🙂 I have some tips for you guys, the things you should remember especially when travelling alone.

Thinking about travelling alone especially for us girls means being independent, freedom, knowing ourselves more and self-exploration. But there are few things we should bear in mind before getting with this idea.


1. Make sure to inform your parents or any family member that you are going to travel alone. It is important that you have someone at home know where your destination is for security reasons.

2. Keep your Important Travel Documents. There are times when we are in a hurry that important documents are forgotten. Always check it first and then make a duplicate copy of it in case you will lost it.

3. Don’t flaunt your solo status. Be conscious of your surroundings. There is no need to ever advertise that you are traveling alone. At check-in and when ordering room service, be discreet and do not mention you are flying solo.

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