Ways on Enhancing Your Natural Beauty


Enhancing Your Natural Beauty


Makeup and skincare can only do so much. What important is focusing on our natural beauty deserves much attention. By embracing your own unique beauty, and enhancing the features you actually like is still the best advice I can give you. A lot of us use makeup as a form of self-expression but enhancing your natural features is equally as important. I am not fond of applying much makeup on my face and being fresh and natural is what I am after.  If you’re interested in embracing your natural beauty, here are a few different things you can do that I’ve found to be helpful.

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How to Make the Most of Your Mornings

Hello! Happy Tuesday! I don’t know about you guys but I Monday is not my favorite day. I am too lazy to do work. Here are some tips I can share with you guys how to make most of your mornings eventhough you’re not a morning person.

How To Make Most Of Your Mornings


1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. I am not a morning person by nature, but I wake up at 7am every morning. I am not using any alarm clock since my body clock already get used to it. Grab my favorite coffee, eat my breakfast and then start my work.

2. Have your own morning routine. Having a morning routine makes you enjoy yourself more. You can eat breakfast before going to work or do some chores or a workout routine to make your day start right.

3. Avoid checking your emails until you get to work. Before, I tend to check my emails after I woke up and that stresses me out. Now, I learned not to do it that’s why I have a more peaceful mind before I start to work.

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My First Althea Korea Box – Unboxing

So this is my first time to order at Althea Korea Philippines. Eversince, I am so excited to try korean products that is why when I heard of this, I can’t wait to have my first order.


What I love about Althea Korea are their skincare products. As we all know, Korean products nowadays are very popular and a must have! Plus, they offer free shipping for orders P999 and above! Amazing right? And that is sent directly from Korea!

I ordered only four products to try. These are the No Sebum Mineral Powder, The Style 4D Mascara, Rice Wash Off Mask, and the Perfect Cover BB Cream (Shade #23).

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Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap ( with Gluatathione and Vitamin E)

I already heard about this brand for so long but didn’t bother to try it out. A lot of positive reviews about this soap is almost everywhere.
My friend introduced this brand of soap to me a long time ago but I just had this chance now to give my opinion about it I am talking about the Royale Beauty L-Glutapower Soap that has Glutathione and Vitamin E.
Product Claims: 
Royale L-Gluta Power Soap from Royale Business Club has already been proven effective and safe for whitening your skin. Frequent use of this product will reduce hyper pigmentation and prevents spots from re-occurring.

Product Information:  

Removes dark spots, reduces and gets rid of freckles, age spots, pimple marks. It also whitens, revives and nourishes to make your skin look supple, radiant and flawless.

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How to Find the Right Foundation for Every Skin Type

Finding the right foundation for your skin type involves a lot of effort and trial and error. As we all know, a beautiful base is essential for a beautiful makeup look. First thing to consider if the foundation you choose has the right balance between not enough and too much coverage.

There are a lot of foundation products in the market ranging from dewy to matte, and a lot to choose from and these tips below will help you find the right foundation formula for different skin types – dry, oily, combination, hyperpigmented and sensitive skin types.


1. BB Cream (Liquid Cream) – This type of foundation is for oily and combination skin and also for low-maintenance beauty (not suitable for dry skin). BB Cream can be worn alone or serves as a primer if you want a full-coverage foundation.
Can be used as: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, sheer foundation
2. CC Cream – Has a light coverage and perfect for most skin types and uneven skin tone. CC creams cover sunspots and uneven skin tone and may be worn as a primer.
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